We believe

Motivation is serious bussiness. Why? Because it – or the lack of it to be precise – costs real big money for the organization through conscious and unconscious avoidance of work, declining performance and productivity, badmouthing, bad communication, conflicts, resistance to change, endless cycles of recruitment and training of newcomers, constant trouble shooting, sick leave, quality issues, work accidents, theft, lack of commitement and engagement levels. For the individual it does not only mean that getting up to go to work is a struggle in itself, but it may mean a wasted life – their time spent doing something only for the sake of survival. That’s inhumane, that’s against our nature and defies sense. And yet, we often rely on clichés, urban legends and myths when it comes to trying to motivate ourselves and our people. Even highly paid leaders often do more damage than good.

It is though not about putting the blame on you as a leader. Because motivation does seem nebulous and fuzzy. Has anybody seen it yet? Not really, not literally… And then one afternoon your best team member places his or her resignation on your desk. The exit interview might give some answers, but what’s the use now? And you, responsible leader, continue having sleepless nights, because you need to deliver ever increasing results, but people are not robots. They are difficult to understand. You wish you could read their minds, then it would be easier, wouldn’t it?

Well, we have good news for you.

You CAN.

It’s possible.

It’s simple.

It’s professional.

Yet, it’s humane.

It’s engaging.

It’s uplifting.

It transforms people, teams and cultures

AND brings tangible results.